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Fancy Ball Necklace and Earrings
sterling silver
necklace: length 30"
Fancy Ball Earrings
sterling silver
dangle earrings: h 2" x w 1/2" x d 1/2"
Hoop Necklace and Earrings
14K gold filled
necklace: length 30"
Paddle Necklace with Earrings
sterling silver and 18k gold
necklace: length 30"
Hoop Earrings
sterling silver
h 1.5" w 1.25" x d 1/4"
Pearl Pepon Earrings
sterling silver, freshwater pearls
h 2" x w 1" x d 1"
Long Pepon Necklace
sterling silver and brass
sterling silver, 24K gold
Round Tuxedo Cufflinks
sterling silver
Teardrop and Circle Cufflinks
sterling silver
h 1/2" x w 1" x d 1/2"
Circle Tuxedo Studs
sterling silver
h 1/2" x w 1/2" x d 1/2"
Silver Hoop Bracelet
sterling silver, 8mm lemon quartz, 4mm peridot, 24K gold gots
pendant, necklace, tourmaline, topaz, gold, bezel, blue, pink
sterling silver, 18K gold, 3mm pink tourmaline, 4mm blue topaz
circle: 1 3/4" diameter, chain: 20"
Fancy Scalloped Pearl Bangle
sterling silver and pearls